We are Trunk Studio

A production company based in Milan


About us:

We are a production company based in Milan.

Our mission is to deliver your message with memorable videos.

Iacopo Boccalari

Born in 1986, I graduated in Architecture to then realise filmmaking was my thing.

I’m obsessed with lighting, framing, colours, patterns, symmetry, camera movement, technology and color grading.

Michele Martinelli

Born in 1985. Engineer in theory, film-maker in practice.

Understanding and managing the whole film making process is an endless experience that takes a lot of different skills.
It needs passion, commitment and the support of an amazing team. This is what I love

Pietro Ceciliani

Born in 1991, I graduated in Law, but a passion for images has always been part of my life.

I think that editing is all about colours, dynamics, manipulation of time, and I love it!


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Trunk Studio s.r.l.

Via Andrea Maffei, 18
20135 – Milano
tel: +39 02 49796905