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Pietro Taronna

All round creative

Mr. Taronna has a distinctive feature: he never settles for a predictable and mediocre result.

The director, trained at the Centro Sperimentale Di Cinematografia in Milan, has been collaborating with Trunk for several years and has always stood out for his constant creative exploration, the crafting of original concepts and screenplays, and a directing style that consistently aims for the best possible outcome.

Productions directed by Pietro for clients such as Colmar, Esprinet, Nilox, and Celly have an unmistakable style: crisp, amusing, and engaging. He can tell stories through images and words, as well as with all the diverse elements that can converge in the creation of audiovisual content in today’s multifaceted landscape.
His strengths lie in "military" organization and meticulous work planning, combined with a keen sense and passion for content that captures the viewer's attention, particularly through irony and surprise.

As a director, Michele has created short films and commercials for brands such as Colmar and Head, with whom he has maintained a collaboration for years.